OT/PT Teletherapy Resources


Collaboration Considerations When Transitioning to Teletherapy: A Response to COVID-19
Considerations for School-Based OTs and PTs Conducting Teletherapy: A Response to COVID-19
Parent/Caregiver Guide to Being a Facilitator in Teletherapy
Video Samples OT & PT Teletherapy
OT & PT Services via Teletherapy: Providing Services to Students with Severe Disabilities
What Does OT/PT Teletherapy/Distance Learning Look Like? What School Districts Need to Know


Autism and Telehealth: The Perfect Fit
Autism and Telehealth: A Piece in the Puzzle
The Power of Telehealth
OT + Teletherapy = Distance Learning Success
Providing OT Services Through Telehealth
The Positive Benefits of Teletherapy
How Telepractice Can Address Unique Needs
Distance Learning Through Teletherapy

Slide Decks for Teletherapy Sessions

Fine Motor Activities
Gross Motor Activities
Making Orange Play Dough
Match the Butterfly
Match the Flowers
Money Management
Play Dough Pattern on Toothpick
Preschool Prewriting
Learning How to Button
Learning How to Button, Zip & Tie Shoelaces

Teletherapy/Distance Learning - Getting Started Packet

1. Tips for Getting Started
2. EBS Teletherapy Webinars Resources Quick Guide
3. Considerations for Your Caseload
4. Parent Contact Form
5. Script for Calling Families
6. Sample Email to Family with Consent for Virtual Instruction
7. Caseload Review Form
8. Telepractice Parent Agreement
9. Student Teletherapy/Distance Learning Readiness Checklist
10. Lesson Plan Form
11. Toy Tour/School-Based Materials Checklist
12. Outline of a School-Based Teletherapy Session
13. Email Template to Family for Next Session
14. Speech Therapy Note
15. Activity Calendar Example from LAUSD
16. Weekly Checklist
17. Provider Teletherapy/Distance Learning Readiness Checklist

Website Resource Lists

OT & PT Helpful Teletherapy Intervention Websites
Teletherapy Resources