EBS SLP Telepractice Certification – SPED

Erin Riojas

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Please note: No CEUs will be awarded for participation in this course.

Course Length: 5 hours

This course will provide learners with a thorough introduction and description of procedures relevant to the delivery of effective and evidence-based intervention services using a telepractice model. Topics addressed included regulatory procedures, motivating students, individualizing instruction, collaborating with team members, and adapting digital and web-based resources.

Instructor Information

Joe Comeau
Joseph Comeau, M.S.ED, CCC-SLP, entered the fascinating realm of telepractice in 2015 when he was given one week to organize and implement a telepractice program for a school caseload consisting of 56 students. Much has changed and developed since then, and Joseph now manages, trains, supports and motivates other tech-savvy clinicians working with the EBS Telepractice team. A Master of Science degree in Education with a Certificate of Clinical Competence makes Joe a teacher and trainer who lives for the thrill of seeing the “wow” moment when his students see the light.
Financial Disclosure: Other than being paid as an employee of EBS Healthcare, Joe has no other relevant financial relationships to disclose.
Non-Financial Disclosure: Joe has no other non-financial information to disclose.

Learner Objectives

  1. Demonstrate confidence using web-conferencing tools to present, manipulate and synthesize learning material relevant to a student’s individualized goals and objectives ;
  2. Structure and organize web-based sessions in a manner that facilitates the establishment of objectives and expectations for the session, motivates the student, and encourages student participation;
  3. Manage the various responsibilities of a telepractitioner providing individualized and specialized instruction to children receiving school-based intervention;
  4. Communicate and collaborate with school staff, session facilitators, classroom teachers and school administrators;
  5. Access and adapt a variety of digital and web-based resources to provide effective, engaging and evidence-based clinical intervention.


  • 0:00–0:20: Introduction and Course Overview
  • 0:20–0:40: Certification and State Licensure Requirements
  • 0:40–1:00: The Role of the Facilitator
  • 1:00–1:50: Setting Up Your Therapy Environment
  • 1:50–2:20: Your Teletherapy Support Network – Facilitators, Families, Teachers, and Administrators
  • 2:20–2:50: IEP Participation
  • 2:50–3:20: Basic Technical Requirements and Equipment Operation
  • 3:20–3:50: Scheduling, Session Management, and Review
  • 3:50–4:45: Addendum – Engaging Students in Telepractice
  • 4:45–5:00: Course Test