Caselite 102 – Getting Started

Erin Riojas

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Course Credits: No CEU credits are awarded for this course.

This course will continue your introduction to Caselite by teaching the steps to set up your caseload and create your first Caselite schedule.

Instructor Information

Amy Chapman
is our in-house Caselite Software Specialist. She holds a BSBA in Computer Information Systems from Appalachian State University in North Carolina and has a background in corporate systems for companies like IBM and Bank of America. She has been involved in the Caselite story since the software was first developed in 2003. She came on board when EBS Healthcare acquired Caselite Software in 2016. Her daily Caselite functions range from the technical side (software design and quality assurance), to marketing (email communication, social media, video creation, and convention exhibiting), to customer service (user training, help desk administration, and end-user/district adoption). She is based in Charlotte, North Carolina.


  • 1.5 minutes – Review and Login Hints
  • 9 minutes – Caseload Setup
  • 1.5 minutes – Custom Groups
  • 2 minutes – Student Availability
  • 8 minutes – Scheduling
  • 0.5 minutes – Getting Help

Total Time: 23 minutes