Let’s Collaborate! Successfully Working With Your Teams – SLP

Erin Riojas

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ASHA Course Number: ACEF0542
Course Credits: 0.2 (2 hours) ASHA CEUs – Intermediate Level, Professional Area
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Educators and practitioners working in schools and Early Intervention often desire to improve or increase collaborative practice. However, they frequently run into roadblocks that prevent opportunities for working closely together to increase outcomes for the children they serve. This workshop will provide participants with a broader understanding of specific strategies for interprofessional collaborative practice and the opportunity to self-reflect and develop new approaches that will lead to success with their own caseloads and in their unique work environments.

Instructor Information

Shellie Bader
Shellie Bader, M.A., CCC-SLP, Director for EBS Healthcare, manages facility partnerships and oversees clinical services to assure the highest quality treatment for children in schools, clinics and the community. She has expertise and proven success in training, building cohesive, goal-oriented teams and in implementing outcomes-based, innovative programs. Prior to joining EBS, Ms. Bader directed and ran school and related services operations for programs in Los Angeles and nationwide, improving service and student success in both the public and private sectors. Shellie is an active CSHA volunteer and currently serves on the Board of Directors.

Financial Disclosure: Other than being paid as an employee of EBS Healthcare, Shellie has no other relevant financial relationships to disclose.

Non-Financial Disclosure: Shellie has no other non-financial information to disclose.

Julie Kornbluth
Julie B. Kornbluth, MA, OTR/L is currently a Therapy Services Coordinator, and was an OT Director for EBS Healthcare from 2004-2020. Her responsibilities with EBS included mentoring and supporting therapists in school districts and Early Intervention programs throughout the United States mainland and Hawaii. She was also responsible for recruitment, training, and program development. She was actively involved in EBS United, leading therapy groups internationally, and has volunteered and worked in multiple countries independently. She has presented at local, state and national conferences on school-based and cultural competency topics.

Financial Disclosure: At the time of this presentation recording, Julie was paid as an employee of EBS Healthcare. Julie has no other relevant financial relationships to disclose.

Non-Financial Disclosure: Julie has no other non-financial information to disclose.

Learner Objectives

  1. Define collaboration and explain why it is important for successful Interprofessional Practice (IPP)
  2. Complete a self-reflection exercise to recognize his or her own communication style and how this impacts collaboration with others
  3. State the 3 tiers of service intervention and at least one effective strategy for collaboration at each tier
  4. Select the best collaborative intervention strategy for at least two children or groups on your current caseload


  • 5 minutes: Welcome and Introduction to Learner Objectives
  • 25 minutes: Why do we collaborate?
  • 15 minutes: Self-reflection questionnaire
  • 20 minutes: Tiers of intervention & Collaboration service delivery models
  • 30 minutes:  Using Knowledge from Self-Reflection to Learn and Build Strategies for Improved Interprofessional Practice
  • 15 minutes: Action plan/Takeaways: What can you do to get started with your caseload?
  • 10 minutes: Q&A & Post Test