Using Sensory Strategies/Accommodations to Improve Classroom Participation – General

Mark Strait

Course length: Five hours and 15 minutes.  Only approved for SLP and OT course credit. Educational staff in schools support students to ensure the best possible educational outcomes. Sensory processing difficulties can impact a child’s ability to learn and participate in their educational environment. This training will utilize a strengths-based approach and evidence-based practice to identify school-based assessment and intervention … Read More

Kimochis: The Positive Behavior and Wellbeing Tool for Kids – BCBA

Erin Riojas

Course Credits: 1 Learning CEU (1 hour) This engaging workshop is designed for School Psychologists, Behavior Specialists, SLPs, OTs, and PTs who are looking for novel and effective approaches for helping children ages 3–12 learn how to express and regulate feelings, understand the emotions of others, establish and maintain healthy social relationships, and promote academic and social success. Instructor Information … Read More

Preventing Burnout and Promoting Wellness and Resiliency Among Pediatric Therapists – BCBA

Erin Riojas

Course Length: 2 hours Course Credits: 2 Learning CEUs Wellness, job stress, and burnout are all important aspects of job performance for pediatric therapists. Participants will learn about current evidence and engage in an overview of proactive and practical strategies to promote wellness and manage work stress in practice. Participants will partake in proactive strategies and create a plan for … Read More

Behavior Strategies to Use Tomorrow 2.0 – BCBA

Erin Riojas

Course Length: 2 hours Course Credits: 2 Learning CEUs This course will address what a behavior intervention plan (BIP) is comprised of and how other professionals can understand and support students who have one. It will also provide information on how to understand and implement basic behavioral strategies and when to seek advanced support when challenging behaviors become more severe. … Read More